Values Technology.

Sailing In Uncharted Waters?

ailing in uncharted waters requires powerful measurement, mapping, and navigational capacities. Business is in the midst of a massive historical shift where globalization and growing individual awareness demand that top-down hierarchical organizations become more transparent, collaborative, and capable of orchestrating the creativity of all their people. Today’s leaders must excel at managing human capacity.

KSG is a certified distributor of the state of the art values measurement and mapping assessment called Values Technology that connects the identified priorities of the individual with the declared priorities of the organization to make work more meaningful. When leadership then guides the organization to act on these priorities, individual motivation is increased and the organization’s ability to achieve its declared goals is greatly enhanced.

KSG, in collaboration with Values Technology, effectively:

Measures the values that underpin behavior in organizations, teams, and individuals.

Maps the strategic pathways for leadership to successfully manage human capacity.

Provides the navigation tools, training and processes to help leaders and employees provide their organizations with new capacities to evolve and better meet today’s business challenges.

Values Technology, Inc., based on 30 years of validated research and organizational analysis, has been applied at many organizations including Mitsubishi Motors, CIBC, Telus, Alcoa, Siemens, Clarica, and Walenius Wilhemsen. See their site at: www.valuestech.com.


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Values are the priorities that that underpin our behavior—our emotions, beliefs, ideas, and decision making. These external expressions all flow from values each of us has. This value system is critical because it gives meaning to our lives—it is what energizes us and empowers us.

Dr. Brian Hall