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The following testimonials come from a diverse mix of clients who care deeply about their cohorts and have courageously chosen to be as successful as they can be. I am grateful for their support.

"Having Chris Stanton in my corner as a strategic advisor has proved to be a catalyst in my overall growth and impact. With his knowledge and expertise in demanding custom construction and leadership development, Chris remains an invaluable resource.”
Michael Cello, Partner, Cello & Maudru, Inc.

"I brought Chris Stanton in to help strategize the future of my business. What I got was not only a strategic plan, but direction on how to get there and lead effectively as well. Chris is effective, efficient and someone I consider a trusted advisor and friend.”
Jay Jeffers, Jeffers Design Group

“Chris's experience and knowledge of the residential construction industry in San Francisco has made him an invaluable asset to me and my company as we seek to develop and grow in our marketplace.  In addition to providing us with some excellent tools for managing he has given advice and provided insights that have helped me reach some of my more challenging goals.  But what I like most about working with Chris is that he really cares about the people he works with.”
Jeff King, President, Jeff King & Co

“Working with Chris Stanton has been a fantastic experience for AGC and me.  Chris brings a level of sanity to a complex industry and his advice has been invaluable.   He helped us with Key Accountabilities and long term objectives.  Having someone with 30+ years in the industry as a builder and Owner’s Representative gives Chris a 360 degree view of the industry that few people have.”
Aaron Gordon, Aaron Gordon Construction

“Chris Stanton has been instrumental in helping me grow both professionally but also personally. Having Chris as an advisor & sounding board has been very helpful during the last few years. It really helps to have someone so wise and experienced in leadership and high-end construction truly in my corner.”
JB Ferrarone, Managing Partner, Plath, & Company

"Chris Stanton has been our "secret weapon" when it comes to resolving pesky issues in business. His experience, approach and methodology have been essential in identifying and tackling stumbling blocks with long lasting positive results. Chris' expertise, specifically within the realms of architecture and construction, give him a unique advantage that the typical business advisor may lack.

We have found Chris to be invaluable in our efforts to resolve obstacles and improve best practices Ė his guidance has been and remains a critical component to the health and benefit of our business.”
Lisa Smedley, Business Director, Piechota Architecture

"Working with Chris continues to be an excellent way to gain perspective and make positive changes in my company and business processes. It's really helpful to have such a sharp lens to look at how I do things, and how I can do them better”
Aleck Wilson, Aleck Wilson Architects

“Chris helped me develop and implement management systems and tools, and coached me on some essential personal and relational skills, all while graciously holding me accountable to our work together.  This work lead to a 50% growth in annual revenue in our first year working together, and I anticipate similar growth in our second year together.  If you are looking for someone to get into the nuts and bolts of your business with you – operations, business development, financial, and human resources - I highly recommend him.”
Randy Collins, President, FTF Engineering Structural Engineers

“I have known Chris Stanton for close to twenty years--initially because we both have a passion for green building. Of course, as a contractor, I also know Chris as the former owner of Paragon, a highly respected and very large player in the high end residential construction market. Over the years, I have kept in touch with Chris, but it is only in the last year that we have hired him to help us with our business. His first task was to help us put together clear Key Accountabilities for our employees, which has been invaluable. Now we are moving on to tap his Organizational Development expertise and, more recently, his intimate knowledge of the business side of high end remodeling. Overall, I highly recommend Chris as someone of high integrity who gets results in a timely fashion. Aggressive yet sensitive, he has pushed us to grow both as people and as an organization.”
Michael McCutcheon, President, McCutcheon Construction

“I have been working with KSG since 2005.  There have been three major areas that Chris Stanton has aided me in my business success.  He guided me through the process of defining the Key Accountabilities for each position in our company.  Instead of just focusing the tasks required to complete a job, our staff is able to identify the three or four major drivers that determine success for their position. This focus allows our staff to know that they need to achieve to be successful.  It has been a great tool.  Secondly, I have used KSG for staff training and particularly in developing a strategic plan for the company.  And lastly, I continue to use Chris to assess employees so I can better understand how employee’s natural styles align with their position.  These assessments allow me to train and guide employees in the areas that are not natural to their style.  KSG continues to identify the new trends in running a business.  My hat's off to a great organization.”
Peter Feinmann, President, Feinmann, Inc.

“Chris made an amazing impact on our company over a period of about 6 months through well-planned phone conversations and a few site visits.  He was very efficient, cutting right to the chase but also allowing us a chance to integrate and breathe as needed.  He helped us make a key hire who has been fantastic for our business.  It really helps to have such a wise, experienced advisor.”
Pete Maruca, President, Orion General Contractors

“Chris has proven to be instrumental in a number of ways as my coach and advisor over a number of years. He is always straight forward and honest with his advice; even when I donít want to hear what he has to say.

Chris was very even handed and fair helping my former business partner and I dissolve our partnership. I firmly believe that he kept a tense situation from becoming very messy. Chris has truly been a great friend, mentor and coach. ”
Chris Donatelli, President, Donatelli Builders

“KSG is a very professional group of consultants who get the job done and can deal with just about anything.”
Tom Fall, COO, Handyman Franchise Systems

“The diagnostic tools that you helped us use in our hiring process were immensely helpful. We were able to avoid some bad hires and make some terrific ones. I would definitely recommend this process to anyone who wants to hire the right people.”
Thea Beattie, President, BPM Goldman

“The manager we hired using your ‘Top Talent Advantage System’ is outstanding! Not only did we hire the right person, we avoided hiring the wrong person. The whole process helped us clarify what the job was, what successful performance of that job needed to be, and how to find and develop the right individual for that job.”
Tom Davison, Davison Remodeling Specialists

“The process allowed me to accelerate the fundamental changes that were necessary to my business so we could move faster than the changes going on outside.”
Barry Prince, CEO, Hawk Pacific Corporation

“I believe that top company executives, especially now in these turbulenttimes, cannot successfully run their companies unless they areconfident that their top management team is in synch, understands andimplements the vision of the company, and has the support of the employees. KSG can insure that a company will survive and prosper in today's volatile marketplace.”
Ken Taylor, President, Decker Communications

"KSG brings a rare combination of high competency and high integrity which ensures that their work has life transforming impact. I highly recommend them to anyone ready to expand their own leadership capacity as well as the capacity of their management team.”
Christophe Morin, Chief Pain Officer, SalesBrain

“Our General Manager is getting great value from your coaching. He is now holding himself accountable, has really broadened his management perspective, and has really taken hold of his leadership position. The last few months have been very positive, very encouraging.”
Glenn Adams, President, GTA Autobody

“KSG helped us create a safe environment to communicate issues. We were avoiding the tough calls, and you wouldn't let us take the easy way out.”
Dan Maisler, President,
A4C (formerly Accountants 4 Contract)

“We were an executive team comprised of successful individuals withtremendous potential, but we had not yet found a way to work togethertowards common goals. You helped us establish an alignment of values among the management team that had a far-reaching effect in the workplace.”
Edie Heilman, President, Share Commercial Services

“KSG helped me to maintain my altitude to implement strategies when I was caught up in the tactical day-to-day operations. You accelerate clarity and challenge assumptions which helps remove roadblocks to success.”
Howard Brainen, President, Custom Process

“As a result of your program, I think more clearly, have more focus, and higher energy. I have more confidence because of it. It was powerful and continues to be.”
Rose Venditto, Vice President of Sales & Regional Sales Director, Decker Communications

“We were stuck, with an inability to set up successful communication lines. You helped us to take action on the important themes."
Jim Cecil, President, James P. Cecil Company

“KSG acted as our guide, and became our true solution provider. You helped us comfortably stay in control and handle the doubling of the size and revenues of our firm.”
Rose Venditto, Vice President of Sales & Regional Sales Director, Decker Communications

“Jim Kelley has had a profound influence on my personal and professionallife. I went from being the coach to being coached ‘by the best!’”
Mike Huppert, President of Retail Operations,
Grocery Outlets Inc.

“I found Chris Stanton to be an excellent facilitator, extremely resourceful, wise, reassuring, and grounded in our venture."
Michelle Stortz Director/Choreographer,
Tree of Life Dance Theatre

“I have found Jim Kelley to be an excellent listener and communicator who respects my pace and helps me identify and dismantle the self-imposed limitations which have blind-sided my past efforts to grow. I am attaining greater alignment and increased balance as he coaches me along the path toward my goals. I trust Jim and am confident his advice provides excellent value.”
Judith Miller, President, Financial Management For Construction Companies

“You have no idea how much your coaching has
positively impacted both our lives.”

(The wife of one of our coaching clients)

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Here's a list of select clients who have derived great benefit from partnering with Chris Stanton in their efforts to successfully transform their businesses and executive teams.

Cello-Maudru Construction
Plath & Co
Jeff King & Co
Aaron Gordon Construction
Hughes Construction
NorthWall Builders
Metro Eighteen
McCutcheon Builders
First, Last & Always
Teevan Restoration
Moroso Construction
Donatelli Builders
Canyon Design Build
Jetton Construction
Wilkinson Construction
Castlerock Builders
Winans Construction
Stroub Construction
Talmadge Construction
Stader Construction
Sensible Builders
Hood Exhibits
Lunt Marymor Plumbing
Spoor Masonry & Tile
Davison Remodeling Specialists
Odin’s Hammer
Allen Associates (Santa Barbara)
Orion General Contractors (Philadelphia)
Black Dog Builders (New England)
Handyman Networks (Los Angeles)
Feinmann Inc. (New England)
Tibma Design Build (New England)
Hammersmith (Atlanta)
Van Duesen Construction (Maryland)
Custom Design Builders (Michigan)

Architects and Designers
Piechota Architecture
Jeffers Design Group
Aleck Wilson Architects
Kendall Wilkinson Design
Axelrod + Stept Architects

FTF Engineering
ERM West
Dodson Engineering

Landscape Design and Construction
Lazar Landscaping
White Oak landscaping
Cleary Brothers Landscaping

Construction Materials
Plywood & Lumber Sales
Economy Lumber
Southern Lumber

Investment Services:
Lehman Brothers--Wardell/Garland Group
American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.—Bill O’Connell

Law firms:
Baker & McKenzie
Leong & Associates

CPA firms:
Jones, Henle & Schunck
Daoro, Zydel & Holland

Financial Planning Services:
David White & Associates
Managed Economics
Insurance Planning Associates
Gebhardt Group Inc.

New Union Works Systems

Mortgage Services
BWC Mortgage Services

Oil Exploration:
Samson Investment Company

James P. Cecil Company

Handyman Franchise Systems

HVS International
Pacific Plaza Hotels
Creative Hospitality

Hood Exhibits
Christy Concrete

Mountain Travel Sobek

Mortgage Lending:
San Francisco Funding

DaMert Toy Company

Faultline Brewing Company

Grocery Outlets

Faultline Brewing Company

GTA Autobody

OK Trucking
Hawk Pacific
MTV Transportation Services

Personal Communication:
Decker Communications

Hatcher Press

Nelson Staffing Services

Fine Arts:
Tree of Life Theatre
Traces of the Trade Films

As You Sow
The Sophia Center
The Lindsay Museum


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“In my mind
hiring KSG is a
no-brainer for companies looking to prosper, indeed survive in today's marketplace. Small and medium size companies rely on their people even more than larger ones. They can't afford to make mistakes in strategy, marketing, hiring, professional development, customer service and so forth. Leaders and their companies need to attract top new people and maintain the talent they have.
What KSG does provides a clear competitive edge.”

Larry Prendergast, VP Treasurer (retired) AT&T, EVP Finance LA Branch