Where's Your True North?

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lign. It’s time to align! Are you ready to make your company sizzle with capacity? Because alignment around shared objectives and values creates extraordinary results. Our True North Planning Program™ charts the strategic and values-based roadmap to transformation in your organization.

When strategic objectives and consensual values truly make sense they stimulate strategic thinking and action. People are hungry for meaning and alignment. Strategic planning is a learned practice that provides the roadmap from vision and mission through individual and team performance strategies to focusing on the navigation skills of action planning, execution, and measurement.

Values Technology™ maps out the strategic innovative pathways for individuals and institutions to make sense of what stage of development they are in, how they make decisions, and what navigation skills are required to move to next-level performance and success. Progress is readily measured. Once aligned, the system can make navigational skill-building a primary focus. You are ready to launch.

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When aligned around shared values and united in a common mission, ordinary people accomplish extraordinary results.

-Ken Blanchard