Consider it Done!

ccomplish. Let’s do it! Getting it done comes in various forms. There’s the brute force “grind it out” version. And the “we’ll get it done someday” version. Then there’s the Consider It Done version. A Consider It Done Culture™ is a workplace where everyone does what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it. A request is made and the response is “consider it done.” This accountability creates the meaningful actions and interactions essential to successful execution.

But it goes far beyond obligation and duty. In the Consider It Done Culture™ people shift from “I have to do it” to “I get to do it”. This shift transforms productivity because it fires up untapped motivations and previously moribund attitudes. We simply help remove the obstacles—poor procedures, inept and spirit-crushing management techniques (and managers), lack of vision and direction and support—and activate the repressed energies—what used to be resignation, reluctance, resistance and confusion — and get everyone focused on achieving the desired results in concert. Working toward the same goals with care, accountability and collaboration, people learn to leverage their time and effort to the benefit of everyone involved. Accomplishment is reinforced with consistent measurement, feedback, and reward which simply feeds the flame of high performance and is the instrument panel for your navigation.

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In a Consider It Done Culture, people do things out of pure pride of accomplishment and simple joy of participation, rather than from a sense of obligation or duty.