About KSG

The “New Game” of Business

SG is deeply committed to shepherding successful organizational evolution in distinctive companies — those that seek to prosper and sustain, create meaningful work and quality of life for their employees, and contribute to the greater good of the world.

KSG is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves companies that want to grow, prosper, improve their culture, and have positive impact on their communities. Our clients are searching for new and better ways to succeed. We have dramatically helped a multitude of companies in diverse industries and markets create significant value by injecting clarity into their system, increasing everyone’s confidence, and developing strategic and human capabilities to perform consistently at superior levels.

No one else does what we do: propel organizational
shift by enhancing clarity, confidence and creativity.

Founded by noted entrepreneur Chris Stanton, and veteran business consultant Jim Kelley, KSGbrings a wealth of leadership experience in helping companies unleash the full talent potential of their people to launch next-level success.



v. “to catalyze dynamic cooperation, innovation,
and value creation while navigating a new course.”

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Business without heart is business
as usual.

- Doc Lew Childre


“We must become the change we want to see.”

- Mahatma Gandhi