Stimulating Organizational Evolution

SG TransformOS™ activates the entire operating system of People, Planning, and Performance by helping business leaders align their values and strategies with the unique capacities of their employees and processes. The immediate benefits are increased clarity and commitment. The long-term benefits are increased capability and company success. The KSG TransformOS™ map below illustrates the primary components of how to become a more successful and energetic organization.

All of us have played the old game of business. Now there’s a new game that requires more care, clarity and collaboration. The risks are still high, but the rewards are far greater.

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TransformOS™ is comprised of twelve platforms that are sequentially linked and stand alone as entry points to a systemic approach to helping organizations, their people, and their communities succeed. Care. Align. Clarify. Cultivate. Unleash. Lead. Structure. Create. Jam. Evolve. Measure. Sustain. Each is a dynamic program that activates the kinds of meaningful action that increases organizational clarity, confidence, and capability.


With consensually defined Success as our objective, TransformOS™ starts with Care, which is the access code to individual and organizational shift. More and more scientific data is confirming that there is a direct link between the heart and mind and that when this link becomes entrained the state known as “the zone” is attained. Care and appreciation are the most effective ways to expand individual and organizational capacity to be more productive, less stressed, and more healthy and coherent. It is remarkably easy to inject Care into your system.


Aligning around shared objectives and values creates extraordinary results. Our True North Planning Program™ charts the strategic and values-based roadmap to transformation. When strategic objectives and consensual values truly make sense they stimulate strategic thinking and action and are far easier to align around. Strategic planning is a learned practice that provides the roadmap from vision and mission through individual and team performance strategies as well as focusing on the navigation skills of action planning, execution, and measurement. Values Technologies™ maps out the strategic innovative pathways for individuals and institutions to make sense of what stage of development they are in, how they make decisions, and what navigation skills are required to move to next-level performance and success. Progress is readily measured. Navigational skill-building is a primary focus of most of our other platforms.


By moving cultural, team and individual attitudes from “I have to” to “I want to” people begin to find meaning in their actions. Our Managing by Key Accountabilities™ Program is an exclusive process which provides an effective structure for managing and holding people accountable. It defines the plan and measurable path for success in critical company positions. By orienting to outcomes and clarifying roles, leaders and managers stay focused on their priorities and the personal skills required to produce the desired results. Clarity Rules.


Personal mastery and cultural transformation are readily achievable with intense focus, care and collaboration on the development of individuals and the system. When job-related competency gaps and cultural misalignments are defined the requisite skill-building to close these gaps become much easier to learn and implement. Personal accountability, which is both measurable and trainable, is one of the keys to a successful organization. People want to learn and develop. Our strategically innovative approaches to coaching and development grow this capacity quickly.


The Top Talent Advantage System™ is an integrated talent selection and development system that puts the right people in the right jobs doing the right things…together. Our exclusive process benchmarks the results a particular job must produce, and the skills, motivations, behaviors and work preferences essential to producing these results. As part of a customized corporate program, The Top Talent Advantage System™ enables companies to radically reduce the costs of bad hires, turnover, and low morale. Unleashing the full talent potential of your organization transforms your most valuable (and expensive) resource into tangible bottom line results. Imagine what your company could accomplish if all your managers and key players were top performers?


Our leadership technologies provide the right amount of clarity, direction, and guidance to activate “can do” capacities. When people discover new capabilities, it is essential your organization have the leadership effectiveness and management skills to put these talents to proper use. Talent unlead is talent wasted. Studies show that up to 80% of corporate top performers are either in the wrong job or mismanaged or both! True leaders must learn how to recognize the developmental levels of their people, flex their leadership style to meet those people where they are to guide them to the higher competence, build strong relationships that generate commitment and meaning, and make sure they can express their talent in the position they are in.


We develop, refine, and align best practices for successful performance through the optimization of new and existing organizational systems and processes. Best practices improve operational effectiveness. The analysis of your internal systems can reveal weak links and opportunities for future enhancements. All the operation systems of your company (financial, management, production, technology, information, administrative, etc.) contain opportunities to remove obstacles to better flow, fit and utility.


Stimulating individual and collective creativity and wisdom in organizations should be a primary objective of all organizations. A "creative learning culture" keeps the focus on value creation, differentiation, and organizational evolution. Are you utilizing the full creative potential of your organization? Are you getting the full benefits of the excitement, rejuvenation, and fun of creative expression?


There is so much joy and genius in “jamming” or what we call Dynamic Collaboration™. When teams care for each other and align around common goals and values, an extraordinary cooperation is generated that launches extraordinary performance and far greater fulfillment in the workplace. When people are skillful enough—have the capacity to both lead and be lead—they are truly ready to collaborate or “jam” like masterful musicians. There is a structure to work within that enables people to join in the creation of something far greater than the sum of its participants. It’s the difference between a soloist and a full symphony orchestra. Jam gets your people jamming beautifully together.


Organizational shift happens by focusing on what matters most to the customer, the culture, and the participants. This is “New Game” development where we focus on the Inside Job” and the “Outside Job”. The “Inside Job” encourages the development of personal skills to manage one’s own energies for the purpose of opening up to new awareness and understanding. The “Outside Job” maintains a consistent focus on thinking strategically, working “on” the business, and following the strategic and value-based blueprint for organizational shift. When meaning and action align you get meaningful actions and interactions. Meaningful actions and interactions create more meaningful actions and interactions. This creates coherence. Coherence creates success. We accelerate the development of coherence in people and organizations.


The Consider It Done Culture™ is a workplace where everyone does what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it. Accountability creates the meaningful actions and interactions essential to successful execution. But this goes far beyond obligation and duty. In the Consider It Done Culture™ people shift from “I have to do it” to “I get to do it”. This shift transforms productivity because it fires up untapped motivations and previously moribund attitudes. Most people love to be productive and effective. We simply help remove the obstacles—poor procedures, inept and spirit-crushing management techniques (and managers), lack of vision, direction and support — and get everyone focused on achieving the desired results in concert.


Sustainable superior performance must be grounded in consistent measurement and feedback. Everyone wants to know where they are in their particular process. If you want people to produce specific results, link their performance to rewards and then measure and reward them accordingly.


We collaborate with financial planners, tax consultants, M&A consultants, and other specialists to successfully guide owners and their companies through the business succession process to leave behind a substantial legacy for all your hard-earned efforts. Our other eleven platforms are core elements of developing your human capital and increasing the value of your company. Sustain ensures you have a highly capable team supporting your succession efforts on all fronts.


We define success as:

Significant ROI for your customers, your company, and yourself.

Meaningful work, opportunity, and value for your people.

Contribution to the greater good with generosity and sustainable practices.


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